What is Lutterloh – or The Golden Rule?

The Lutterloh system is a pattern drafting system where you make your patterns by only using small illustrations, a special measuring tape and two body measurements – bust and hip to create your full size pattern!


When you buy the start kit, you receive a binder with instructions to the system, general sewing instructions (the sewing patterns are without a written instruction) and 280 patterns.

Seasonal supplements

Four times a year there are published seasonal supplements, February, May, August and November. Each supplement contains 40 patterns, so actually 160 patterns pr year. It is possible to subscribe to these supplements, but do not forget that you get quite far with the first 280 patterns in your binder.


I did receive a free start kit from Lutterloh International with 280 patterns, rulers and the special measuring tape. I did test that on several patterns both for me and my husband, and thought this was surprisingly good, because I had to do so few changes! Actually so good that I, from receiving this in 2021, not have bought any other patterns. At the time I also receive all the sesonal supplements from Germany.

I make several YouTube videos and projects here on my website every year with these patterns. All these projects, you find in the Lutterloh menu.

The system is really called The Golden Rule, but is often just called Lutterloh from the inventor.

Below, you will find the films explaining how to use the system, and also how you can test it for free. I recommend that you watch these in the order listed.

All my films are in Norwegian with English sub-titles, and you can auto translate the subtitles to any language of  your choice with the YouTube subtitles function

Film 1: Introduction – What is the Lutterloh system? Lutterloh in 5 or 10 minutes
Film 2: How to test the system for free (Download the free pattern)
Film 3: How to read your Lutterloh pattern
Film 4. This is how you find your pattern in the system
Film 5: Can I enlarge my pattern pieces?
Film 6: Lutterloh unboxing – and does it really work??