Start with the free vest or waistcoat

All my films are in Norwegian with English sub-titles, and you can auto translate the subtitles to any language of  your choice with the YouTube subtitles function

Free patterns
A good place to start to check if the Lutterloh-system is something for you, is with the free brochure. It contains thre free patterns. If you do not have it – yoau can download it herelastes ned here  I also recommend that you download a project template to use to keep track of measurements, pattern pieces and your own comment. For every new project, create a new form.
In the brochure there are three patterns – the waistcoat, a blouse and a pair of shorts. It is recommended to start with the waistcoat. You do not have to finish it, but use this pattern to check your measurements, darts and waistline.

Temporary measuring tape
You can make a temporary measuring tape with the brochure, I show you how to do this in the film below. Remember to print at 100 % or “no scaling” If you also want to sew the blouse from the brochure, I have made complete instructions both how to draft the pattern, do changes, add seam allowance and how to sew the complete blouse. You find this in the Lutterloh menu.


When you have the measuring tape in order, either the temporary or the real one, continue. First thing is to draft the pattern for the waistcoat, and fit it to yourself. In the film below, I show you how to use the measuring tape and draft the pattern.  

Now it’s time to add seam allowances to the waistcoat, cut the fabric and transfer all markings. You are welcome to watch the complete film below, but I start doing this about 12 minutes in.

Make sure your fabric is stable and not elastic.

Check the following:

  1. Find your waistline – is it at the right place?
  2. Decide the depth of the darts
  3. Evaluate the width – is this the width you would like in a blouse?

When the vest fits, transfer all your changes to the pattern pieces. We will use this to check other garments, to take care of them.