S316M197 and S307M119 Robes for grown ups and children

All my films are in Norwegian with English sub-titles, and you can auto translate the subtitles to any language of  your choice with the YouTube subtitles function

In this film, I show how to sew both a robe grown-ups and children. The patterns are constructed the same way, so the procedure is exactly the same.

The patterns for the grown up is from supplement 316 model 193, S316M193, and for children it is supplement 307 model 119, S307M119

I did sew these from towels, and mine, the grown up, I used 3 towels measuring 100 x 150 cm, and for the small one (for my 4-year old) 1 used 1,5 towel measuring 100 x 150 cm.