S288M141 og S34M61 Super jersey top with a beautiful drape


All my films are in Norwegian with English sub-titles, and you can auto translate the subtitles to any language of  your choice with the YouTube subtitles function

This has become a favorite! It is really nice, both for every day wear and in other materials as a party-top.

In the video, I show you how you sew this in a way that you get no visible seams. If you use a constrasting fabric for the lining, you get a cool effect in the front drape.

Film 1: How to sew this
Fim 2: How to sew this by just using an overlocker and coverstitch.

The pattern is from Lutterloh supplement 288 model 141, S288M141, and you will also find the same pattern in the Classic Collection 5, supplement 34 model51, S34M51