FBA Lutterloh English

Do you experience that the garments you sew, do not fit properly around the sleeve opening, and that it is to tight around the bust? Then you are not alone!

Practically every pattern producer have to assume and choose a standard bust size for their patterns, and we know that is not the case in real life. We are all different. But- at the same time – they have to make a choice.

I have developed an FBA-calculator that will help you to figure out how you have to change your patterns if you bust size is larger than accounted for in your pattern.

Use the form below to calculate the measurements you will need for your drafting.
Your measurements are NOT stored or saved, so if you wish to keep your numbers for later reference, it can be a good idea to screenshot the form.

Use the films below to do the actual change to the pattern, and click on the link to get the download to follow the FBA in a small scale.

There will be a total of three FBA’s here, click on the links for the pattern pieces for testing

1. Garments with a dart to the shoulder 
2. Garment with a dart to the side (scheduled)
3. Garments without darts (scheduled)