Blouse or shirt – free pattern

All my films are in Norwegian with English sub-titles, and you can auto translate the subtitles to any language of  your choice with the YouTube subtitles function


The free pattern for this blouse is found in the Lutterloh leaflet, which you can download download here.  Remember to print at 100 % of “no scaling”.

In the first film below I show you how to draft the pattern by using the small pattern pieces in the leaflet, and two body measurements – the bust and hip. You also adjust the pattern, add seam allowance, add the hem at the sleeves and at the bottom, make the placket and plan the stabiliser.

When this is done, you can estimate how much fabric you need. Take into account the with of the fabric. For many sizes, 1,5 meters will be enough when the width is 140 cm. To know which adjustments you have to do to the pattern, it is absolutely an advantage that you have sewn a test of the free waistcoat, you find this in the meny.

Film 1: Draft and adjust the pattern Film 2: Sew the blouse. It is long, I reccomend you so watch this directly on YouTube and use the Chapters-function to navigate.